Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are DIY Websites?

It is a cloud platform for websites. You get a website with hosting and a pages editor to modify your website pages anytime you want.

Can you help me create my website?

We can help you create your website on the DIY Websites cloud platform. This includes

  1. Creation of the site
  2. Creation of pages and content

Do you fix WordPress websites?

We can't fix your existing WordPress website, but we can help you migrate it to our DIY Websites platform and then support you in the future.

Can you assist with an existing website that I have?

We can help if your website is hosted on the DIY Websites platform. If it is hosted elsewhere, we can help you migrate it on the DIY Websites platform then help you improve it in the future.

Can I use my own hosting for a DIY Website?

DIY Websites is a cloud platform maintained by us, meaning we host your website to maximize performance and security. We don't offer hosting of a DIY Website on customer platforms.

Do you offer company emails?

Unfortunately, this is not part of our offerings, but we can help you set up a mailbox with Google Workspace. Google Workspace mailboxes will give you superior service compared with the mailboxes you get from regular domain and hosting providers. We use Google Workspace ourselves.

Do you offer an SSL certificate?

All DIY websites come with an SSL certificate at no additional cost. We maintain the SSL certificates to ensure the connection between your website and your users is secure.

I have an SSL certificate. Can I use mine?

Our platform is not designed to work with custom SSL certificates.

Can I cancel my subscription anytime?

Yes. Go to your admin panel, select Upgrade and Billing, and select Disable Auto-Renewal.

Can I upgrade my Professional plan to Commerce?

Yes, you can do that anytime. Go to your admin panel, select Upgrade and Billing, then select the plan you'd like to change to, and it is done. Your next invoice will have the price difference included.

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